Drema Ellis CPDT-KA

I've been associated with dog training in the High Desert for over 21 years.  Animals are my passion.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

I am a positive reinforcement trainer.  My belief is that animals and handlers learn faster and easier using positive reinforcement methods along with consistency and structure.

My continuing educational journey includes seminars with:  Dr. Nicholas Dodman,  Dr. Ian Dunbar,  Dr. Sophia Yin,  Jean Donaldson,  Gail Fisher, Sarah Kalnajs,  Pat Miller,  Karen Pryor,  Katy Sado,  Pia Silvani,  Nicole Wilde, and more.

I've been associated with Animal Care Hospital in Apple Valley, CA for over 14 year and have lived in the High Desert since 1977.

We are the proud parents of Sumo, a great dane and  Vinnie, a nose work champ.

Lilly, Cini, Baci, and Muffy are also part of our family